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Barges In Europe:
Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy
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Luxury Barge Cruises on the Canals and Waterways of Europe ...

Join with Friends or Book a Cabin for Customized Excursions, Top Cuisine and Wines, a Memorable Week

Whether enjoying a barge cruise on Loch Ness in Scotland, or the canals of Holland, or the Thames in England, or down the Shannon River in Ireland, or the rural canals of France, or the Venetian Lagoons in Italy, the luxury hotel barge cruise experience is truly the most memorable way to travel. Many luxury hotel barges began service as working barges, but have now been magically transformed into luxurious floating hotels for 4 to 24 passengers, complete with amazing gourmet cuisine prepared by an on-board master chef, and a very attentive crew of three or four (and more on larger barges). A full week to enjoy life, fine wines, friends, and cuisine, and the best of all possible excursions.

There are a lot of choices, and we're here to help right when you first start your planning. We've been aboard nearly all of the hotel barges in Europe, and can advise you about the best barges, the differences between each of the regions, and the best way to get there. Just call us at 1-877-64-BARGE (1-877-642-2743) from U.S./Canada, or +1-443-321-3614 outside of the US, or email us at You may also contact us through our online inquiry form:
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Barges In England

Magna Carta

Deluxe, 8-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge Magna Carta, cruising in England From London afloat on the elegant Thames River from Hampton Court Palace to Henley-on-Thames, the 8-passenger deluxe hotel barge Magna Carta offers pampered travelling, cruising routes of unusual beauty. Even if you have been to England many times in your life, this is the most memorable way to explore England -- a cruise experience that clients tell us is a "lifetime memory."

Barges in England Magna Carta

Barges In Ireland

Shannon Princess II

Deluxe, 10-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge Shannon Princess II, cruising in Ireland Escorted touring and cruising aboard the Shannon Princess II, through a beautiful route in the heart of Ireland. Excellent introduction to Ireland, guided by Irish owners whose pride about and knowledge of the region make a special difference for guests.

Barges in Ireland Shannon Princess II

Barges In Scotland

Spirit of Scotland

Deluxe, 12-Passengers

Scottish Highlander

First Class, 8-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge Scottish Highlander, cruising the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness in Scotland Luxury Hotel Barge Spirit of Scotland, cruising the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness in Scotland One of the most unique ways to visit Scotland, cruising Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands aboard the 8-passenger First Class Scottish Highlander or 12-passenger Deluxe Spirit of Scotland. A close-up and personal encounter with local villages, people and history (and Nessie!), while your elegant floating hotel accompanies you!

Barges in Scotland Spirit of Scotland Scottish Highlander

Barges In Holland and Belgium

La Nouvelle Etoile

Ultra Deluxe, 8-Passengers


Deluxe, 12-Passengers

Savoir Faire

Deluxe, 12-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge La Nouvelle Etoile, cruising in Holland in the Tulip Season Luxury Hotel Barge Panache, cruising in Holland in the Tulip Season Luxury Hotel Barge Savoir Faire, cruising in Holland in the Tulip Season From Tulip Cruises and Garden Tours in Holland in March and April ... as well as late spring and late fall Holland and Belgium cruises on select barges (in transit to or from Paris), Holland is an outstanding choice for cruising aboard the Savoir Faire, La Nouvelle Etoile, and Panache. See the Keukenhof gardens, Delft, Gouda, art by the Dutch masters, and more in personal, guided excursions. The most memorable way to experience Holland -- aboard Barges in Holland.

Barges in Holland La Nouvelle Etoile Panache Savoir Faire

Barges In Germany

La Nouvelle Etoile

Ultra Deluxe, 8-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge La Nouvelle Etoile, cruising in Germany in the Fall Join the Hotel Barge La Nouvelle Etoile on cruises through the most beautiful cruise route in Germany -- the enchanting Mosel River. La Nouvelle Etoile offers very small group, pampered explorations along the Mosel, one of the most memorable cruise routes in Germany. (La Nouvelle Etoile also cruises in Holland, Belgium, Paris, Burgundy, Champagne, and Alsace during the rest of the season.)

Barges in Germany La Nouvelle Etoile

Barges In Italy

La Bella Vita

First Class, 20-Passengers

Luxury Hotel Barge La Bella Vita, cruising in Italy, between Venice and Mantua Cruise between Venice and Mantua aboard the 20-passenger La Bella Vita. Savor Italian cuisine and wines while cruising through the Venetian Lagoons, the Po River and the Bianco Canal.

Barges in Italy La Bella Vita

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